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My Italian visa

I applied for my spousal Visa last Monday at the Italian Consulate.  Tiny cluster. 

The Italian Consultate NYC branch is stately building on Park Avenue.  When you walk inside, you truly feel as if you’ve been transported onto Italian soil.  The first time Fabio and I went there, I thought he might hunker down and press his lips.  

However, the Alice in Wonderland front doors are not where you enter as a foreigner applying for an Italian visa.  Instead, please go outside and around the corner to the basement.

– The eye candy: true building bowels decorated with barbed wire entrance, bullet-proof-glassed cubicles, and 1950s cafeteria chairs

– The populace: many students trying to get visas for summer school in Florence and Rome; other non-Italian randoms trying for work permits

– The soundtrack: loud yelling in thick Italian accents

I was a little scared.  Visa applicants with numbers called before mine didn’t have the right paperwork – as indicated by the yelling.  Luckily, the loud Italians were incredibly kind to me – probably because I married an Italian citizen and want to live in their country forever.  At first, they were unable to locate the marriage registration…which resulted in some terse tones but no raised voices.  Frightened into over-preparedness, I had brought an extra copy. 

My visa will be ready tomorrow… after which, I can live and work in Italy – but most importantly, I can stay with my honey. 

I just can’t wait.


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I’m often not clear on what’s around the corner…  One day, I think my garden dreams will revolve around asparagus, the next, I’m researching egg laying ducks and their predators.

My adorable brand new husband is wearing me down on the asparagus bed…my dream of having my own freaking plot of asparagus is being tested.  It started with the fact that unless we want to make digging the plot a full-time job or somehow magically train our garden gnome to dig it for us (not likely, he is not very burly, photo below), we will need to hire an expensive machine digger. 

Then this spring, my babe planted some new pretty flowering plants… in my future asparagus bed.  I’m totally being pawned.  He’s not telling me I can’t have my asparagus bed, but making it nearly impossible for me to get it. 

Perhaps I need someone to force me out of attempting to dig a  50-foot long x 3-foot wide x 1.5-foot deep trench on a rocky mountain hillside.  I’m slowly accepting that I can’t have the bed… this year.

The asparagus fantasy has also been a bit usurped by another exciting daydream: ducks that lay eggs in our back yard!  Ever since I learned that I can eat duck eggs, make duck egg ravioli, and bake duck egg cakes – despite my chicken egg allergy – I’ve been obsessed with the idea of quacking ducks popping out eggs for us in our back garden.  My bright turquoise Guide to Raising Ducks book is staring at me from my bookshelf in anticipation.  I’ve already read it cover to cover…twice.  



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I’m happy to share the news that we’ve eloped!!  The ceremony was brief & emotional (that’s me) at Manhattan’s City Hall, followed by a street vendor pretzel snack and walk across our favorite bridge to the cheers and congrats from other bridge walkers. 

Our wedding day was laid back, fairy tale perfect…an NYC fairy tale.  Sunny, blue sky, warm April tax day.  We started planning a week in advance and picked the date by the weather forecast and availability of the photographer.  My groom was sexy as hell in his suit.  How much do I love him for picking out a new tie to match my Armani dress without me having to ask?  Shush you – I’m not label dropping, the Armani was my shout out to Italy on our all-American day.


Possibly even bigger news…the day of our wedding, Fabio accepted a job in Italy.  We’re moving to Italy.  One more time for emphasis in all caps…WE’RE MOVING TO ITALY!

Have you ever wanted something so badly, for a long time, and then when you get it, you hardly know what to do with yourself?  That’s kind of how the past 3 weeks have been since the wedding.  A lot of ‘ohmygodohmygodohmygod’  in my head, breath holding and wheels turning.  There are a lot of fish to fry.

I thought I knew how much logistical contortion the international move would take, but my knowledge was really a teaspoon of salt water compared to the oceans of what need to get done.  Luckily, my sweet new husband was detained due to the Icelandic volcano for an extra week of ‘honeymoon’ AKA running-all-over-NYC-to-various-government-buildings with his new wife.  Step 1 complete: marriage is registered in Italy.  Super excited.

Steps 2 through 842: to be completed.  There is a lot to do.  Passports to be renewed, visa interviews with the Italian Consulate, contents of entire apartments to sell… Okay, there aren’t really 842 steps.  That’s our lucky number from the City Hall ceremony!  They give you a ticket like at the meat counter and when it’s called, the happy couple gets married.

I blissfully digress and I’m just going to keep digressing.  We closed the our wedding day with a quiet champagne toast and dinner under the Brooklyn Bridge, the city lights gradually popping on across the river.  The wait was so worth it.  


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