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Empty backpack

Some Jersey Craigslist peeps hauled away my giant bedroom dresser in their mini van yesterday evening.  Despite the past month’s crazy Craigslist/eBay selling frenzy, this is the first time I really feel like I’m moving.

I splurged on the 10-drawer cherry wood  monster years ago, intending it to be a life-long heirloom.  It was the only piece of furniture I was considering bringing to Italy, until I educated myself on the eye-bulging international shipping costs.

As I watched the NJ folks carry my favorite piece of furniture out of the apartment, I felt a hole in my stomach.   Ugh, it was really going.  But after a slight pause, I was whooping.  Yeah – I’m really moving!

Over the past couple months, I’ve downsized my moving scope from a full bedroom-sized freighter container to checked luggage and a couple FedEx boxes.  How often do people get this opportunity to start over?  To voluntarily free themselves from material stuff.  I just feel lucky… 

Plus I’m going shopping for our new bedroom dresser in Milan next month with the proceeds from my old dresser.  Yeah, baby, yeah!

PS  George, I’m keeping my relationships in the backpack.  No fugly import or shipping fees for those.  Thank you facebook, gmail and skype.  xo


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